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In The Past Five Days...

... I've spent time with my mother on her birthday.  She drove up from Dodge on Friday, and spent the weekend.  It was a fun weekend, too.  Gabriel seemed to connect a little more with her this time.  We visited the Old Town Farmers' Market on Saturday morning (and took the kids, since Roulette was at work), then had a light brunch at La Gallette in Delano.  When Roulette got off work, we had lunch at Marchello's down on South Seneca.  Mmmm... good stuff.  And we ran into [info]ravenx99 and [info]gamehawk, so that was cool.  After that...

... Roulette took us to a little dress shop on Douglas where she had quietly selected... a wedding dress!  She claims she was stopping in to check out a dress in the window that she thought she'd like to scale down for her dolly clothes.  Somehow, this decision landed her in the back of the shop browsing through their bridal gowns.  And she found one she really loves.  It's beautiful... though she intends to add a feature or two.  *grins*  Go figure.  We then visited the Castle Inn Riverside and a couple other possible venues, and decided on a date for the wedding.

... I started school.  It's online... and when you have a busy life with a lot goin' on, it's brutal.  Only the very first day was overly forgiving, as Day 2 required about an hour of reading and considerable online discussion of what you read.  Not that it wasn't interesting... it largely centered around the development of social media and it's impact on the online market, which at least involved a couple of areas with which I had more than a passing familiarity.  It was just a lot of work for only the second day of class.  So far, so good.

... I ran my first D&D game in almost two weeks.  We'd canceled last week's session scheduled on Labor Day, since one of the players had family commitments.  It was a little disorienting, since I'd become accustomed to running longer games on the summer holidays, rather than none at all.  But that was only because everyone was available.  This guy's fairly new, so it didn't hit me until the week before.  Still, the other guys came over and we had a cookout and played video games... it was fun.  This Monday night's session wasn't bad.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it, even though it was largely dominated by a single, massive combat.  *shrugs*

... I visited with a friend of a friend who hosted a jam session at his place.  It's always good to get out and play with new people, and this time I didn't have to upset my own household with all the noise.  Talented folk, too... I had a really good time.  I've noticed a proliferation of talented musicians in this town, and have been fortunate enough to trade licks/beats with more than a few of them.  Not a bad place to be.

Oh... and the wedding date?  March 20, 2010.  Life is good, friends....


I was introduced to Styx when I was in high school.  Though my parents owned several of their albums on vinyl, I don't remember them coming out much during my childhood.  Not enough to make an impression, anyway.  But one of my players back in 1989 was a huge fan... and made sure than my musical education wasn't lacking for exposure to Dennis DeYoung and Company's creative ramblings.

Paradise Theatre is a fictional account of the rise and fall of an actual Chicago movie palace which opened in 1928 and closed in '56, to be demolished a few years later.  The tale is used as a metaphor for the changes American culture was experiencing in the late 70's and early 80's, and is woven with Styx's unique blend of harmonic intricacies and poetic flair, more hinting at the story than coming right out and explaining it.  It's a masterpiece of the era, and one of the band's more cohesive efforts, which also spawned a handful of radio singles and fan favorites.

It was also one of the first cassettes I ever went to the store and bought for myself, along with The Grand Illusion and Rush's 2112.

Notable cuts include Rockin' the Paradise, Snowblind, Too Much Time on My Hands and The Best of Times.  The latter two songs were Top 10 singles in 1981.



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Sep. 16th, 2009 04:46 pm (UTC)
Did you purposely put it on the day of the equinox? It sticks out for me because I've thought for a while that if I ever get married, I'd do it on an equinox -- the equal parts night and day acting as a symbol of the equality I'd want my partner and me to have, with one never outshining or casting too much of a shadow over the other.
Sep. 18th, 2009 11:36 am (UTC)
Quite intentional, actually. The seasonally-driven pagan holy days have always felt a natural fit for me, and I'm a sucker for symbolism. (My previous wedding was on Samain.) When I suggested the vernal equinox, Roulette squealed about how it was one of her favorite days... *grins*

And it just so happens to fall on a Saturday.

I find your reasons very inspiring, by the way.
Sep. 18th, 2009 03:43 pm (UTC)
Groovy. And yeah, I do remember that Ostara is one of Roulette's faves.

A Samhain wedding, of course, was my first choice until I thought about the equinoxes. I love Samhain.
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